Historical Details

Short videos where I talk about fun historical facts, mostly dealing with things I’ve found in my research. Find these videos on YouTube or InstagramTV.

Historical Details 19: Parts of a Ship

Answering followers’ questions about the Royal Navy today, this time going over a few basic parts of a ship in the Age of Sail.

Historical Details 16: Chelsea Buns

Commander of His Heart is in the hands of readers, and I decided to make some Chelsea buns to celebrate! In the Promise of Forever After series, the girls steal this tasty treat from the kitchen on their last night together. Join me for a little chat about the history of Chelsea buns.
Recipe: https://www.colonialwilliamsburg.org/learn/recipes/how-make-chelsea-buns/
More info: https://londonist.com/2015/03/london-food-history-chelsea-buns

Historical Details 15: Life in the Royal Navy

This week it’s a long chat, mostly me nerding out about the Royal Navy. We discuss what life was like on board a ship, from food to living quarters to discipline, for both the regular seamen and the officers. Tune in next week for our Trafalgar dinner as we celebrate 214 years since Nelson’s famous victory. Source: The Wooden World, by N. A. M. Rodger

Historical Details: Twelfth Night

Welcome to Locksley Square, as we celebrate Twelfth Night with an assembly ball! Dancing, food, and cards abound, topped off by Twelfth cake to end the evening.
For more information on assembly balls, check out Paul Cooper’s article: https://www.regencydances.org/paper025.php.

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