A Regency Lady’s Guide to Christmas Giving

Giving gifts at Christmastime has been a tradition for centuries, and I’m here to help you figure out what to give your favorite Regency fan for Christmas! Listed below are the sellers of some of my favorite Regency goods. Check out their shops for amazing products. Happy Christmas!

(I was not compensated for any of these reviews. These are just products that I love.)

LBCC Historical (Makeup and skin/hair care)

Dames à la Mode (jewelry and gaming fish)

Lady Detalle (jewelry)

In The Long Run Designs (jewelry)

MacGregor Historic Games (cards)

American Duchess (shoes and stockings)

Etsy (gloves)

American Heritage Chocolate (18th century cocoa)

Sense and Sensibility Patterns (dress patterns)

Burnley and Trowbridge (handkerchiefs, scarves, sewing supplies)

Promise of Forever After Journals

In Pursuit of a Gentleman

Mr. Darcy’s Night Before Christmas