A Regency romance on the high seas. Two hearts yearning to find a safe harbor, and possibly, a lasting love.

Disguised as her father’s cabin boy to escape her cruel grandmother, Georgana Woodall must decide if she can give her love to the dashing Lieutenant Dominic Peyton. Doing so would tie her to the sea and the navy’s world of war and uncertainty forever, but can she give up this ray of sunshine for a predictable life on shore?

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Lessons in propriety did little to prepare Marah Kinsley for life on board a creaky old boat. Now widowed, the boat is her livelihood, if she can only keep the navy from learning that she has shouldered the work of maintaining it. When a handsome lieutenant is granted command, Marah has to curb her growing attraction to keep him from uncovering the truth. Can she give up her family’s dream to rescue her second chance at love?

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He’s running from love. Can she outfox him?

With the possibility of a fine inheritance looming, every Society matron is throwing her daughters at Andrew Backus in hopes to catch the careless dandy. Unfortunately for them all, Andrew will not be caught. But a friendship with scheming Isabella Todd could topple his intentions to stay single. When he uncovers her plot just before Christmas, Andrew must decide if he can believe the truth of her love before her parents call her to London for their own schemes.

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With her father lost and life in shambles, she never dreams the one to help her would be the former lieutenant who broke her heart.

Avice King is horrified to discover that the bumpkin who helped her retrieve her reticule from the pond is the charming Lieutenant Spencer Addison who broke her heart five years ago. As she forgives his unintended slight and renews her feelings for him, they must find a way around his family’s disapproval and her father’s disappearance to finally be together.

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A broken sailor looking for a purpose, a jilted lady longing for the past, and a chance at happiness neither expected.

Banished to Cornwall after her prized beau cancels their engagement, Holly Addison finds herself a guest in Lieutenant Robert Brenton’s run-down manor by the sea. While she persuades her fiance to reconsider, Robert’s charm makes her consider what she really wants—a life of excess, or a life of meaning. As time runs out on their chance to be together, both are forced to examine their hearts and uncover a strength neither knew they had.

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